Daffodils in bloom at Spencer Place
Perennials were added around the Japanese evergreens at de Lima Park: Echinacea, Montauk Daisies, Phlox and Festuca grasses.
Pink and white azaleas, native rhododendrons, cherry laurels and other natives were planted in  de Lima Park as well as 2 Kousa dogwoods, several Red Maples along the Autenreith perimeter and 3 large Spruce trees.
Friends installed 4 benches donated by Rick Reuter in memory of his family and 1 bench donated by the Overhill Neighborhood Association in memory of former mayor William Glendon.
3 benches were added at Audrey Hochberg Pond Preserve in memory of Irving Sloan and Linda Weiss and in honor of Jane Bedichek.
Daffodils were planted at Chase Park, Spencer Place, Supply Field and Scarsdale Pool. The bulbs were purchased with funds from the Eda Newhouse Beautification Fund.

Website photos courtesy Jeannie Baubion-Mackler