For more than 50 years the Friends of Scarsdale Parks has focused on fulfilling its mission to enhance and protect Village greenspace. The many initiatives have included campaigning for more open space, defending existing open space, advising Village staff where help is needed and working on its own and with other groups to improve parks, street islands and the front of Village Hall. The Friends of Scarsdale Parks has joined forces with both Girl and Boy Scout groups, neighborhood associations and Village staff. "Putting their hands in the dirt", members have worked to restore deLima Park, maintain the flora around the library pond and at the swimming pool, plant spring bulbs at several locations throughout the Village and support Eagle Scout candidates in the restoration and  planting of native species in Red Maple Swamp Park.

The current concern is the enhancement of Chase Park in the Village Center. Survey of conditions there by the Friends noted several areas for improvement. Truck traffic in the park has created ruts and damaged tree roots. The extensive planting of rhododendrons in the beautiful low-walled beds across the rear of the park, thought to be done by the Friends of Scarsdale Parks in the 1980s, has been sorely neglected. Trash containers are in disrepair and don't provide for separation of recyclable materials. Some of these concerns have been shared with Village staff for assistance, some are being addressed directly by Friends members and some will require advice from professionals to develop recommendations.

The Friends of Scarsdale Parks values the support of Village residents and businesses-both financial and "hands on". Please contact Dorothy Kroenlein, Madelaine Eppenstein, Susanne Jones, Dan Hochvert or Tara Tyberg, all at "friends of" for more information.