Yes, your donations to the Friends of Scarsdale Parks are put to good use. Among other things, they buy attractive flora to adorn the Village Hall entrance, plants to add to de Lima Park, daffodils to brighten up parks and other public areas, native plants to restore the natural woodland areas throughout the Village and provide funding for professional landscape architect/design advice.

                 There are even more opportunities to get involved in the work to improve Scarsdale's parks. Maintaining de Lima Park, the Library Pond area, Chase Park rehabilitation and many other locations in our Village provide hands-on work for people who enjoy gardening and are willing to share their skills.

                 Contributing knowledge is also valuable. Have you identified invasive species in your neighborhood? Do you have ideas for improving public land? Are you willing to share your thoughts with friends and neighbors? Might you want to take the lead on mulching leaves in place or beautifying a small section of a public roadside area?

                 To learn more about how to become involved in the stewardship of Scarsdale parks through the Friends of Scarsdale Parks, please send us an email. Lena Crandall - or Dorothy Kroenlein -            

What Can You Do?